Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back at It...

The past two days have been so busy they have been a blurr. We were delayed out of DC and missed our flight to Louisville. They had no more available flights so we stayed the night in Chicago. We got in around eleven on Sunday and hit the ground running with errands.

Yesterday Ben helped me set up my classroom. I get four hours today after meetings in which I will have Ben and my student teacher helping. I am a super organized person so I got comments yesterday like I normally get. "You could start teaching right now.". Blah. Blah. There are always projects to do, and ways to make things more efficient. I am always looking foe anything that will make my day less stressful. If I can find a way it is worth the time to make it so.

I have made dinner two nights in a row. I promised Ben that if I wasn't working two jobs I would work at learning how to cook. Last night I didn't clear off the stovetop completely (hey, don't judge we are still in transition!) and I melted two blank CDs.

We also went to the Social Security office and got my name changed! WOW there are some scary people there. I should have my new card in two weeks.

I am finally back to having a scale, and that makes me happy. I did not gain any weight on the honeymoon.


Bandita Senorita said...

Good for you not gaining any weight while away! And good luck on your upcoming school year!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Congrats on maintaining your weight while honeymooning!

It's nice that you'll have so much help setting up at school. My kiddos have been coming for two days now, and I think I'm going to be in trouble. They're already working my nerves. :(

Anonymous said...

That is amazing that you didn't gain any weight! I have a certain Montreal smoked meat sandwich addiction (thank you, Quebec) that is responsible for at least 2 pounds of vacation weight ... :)

Anonymous said...

well done you - you should be proud of yourself.

I wish you luck with your husband, you seem the perfect pair.