Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great End to Yesterday

I mentioned yesterday that the year is in full swing, and the meetings have started with a vengeance before/after school. As you can imagine, I was so delighted to stay after school yesterday. I walk into the library to go sit down with my teammates, and there is a rose and a card. Yeppers, Ben brought me a rose and a card for our one month wedding anniversary. MEGA SWEETNESS!

I proceeded from the meeting happy to be going to my chiropractor. Yet, I sat on the interest ate, going less than one mile in almost an hour. At this point I was thankful that I had Ben's GPS. I missed my appointment, but I was able to get off at the next exit, and find a different way to get home.

We are entering new frontiers on the kitchen front. YEP...I minced garlic last night. Our whole kitchen smells garlicky from the two cloves. I got "most" of the outside off, but still found a random stray or two as Ben and I were eating our chilled shrimp and pasta salad. Mincing was a lot more work than I realized. I loved the garlic smell though.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, honey, get yourself a garlic press!! Mincing if for the birds! :)