Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The First Week

We have been in school for five days now. I am relaxing at home while the husband is off preaching at one of the nursing homes he works at. It feels so good to have my feet propped up. Tonight my new favorite show comes on National Geographic: Locked Up Abroad! I just learned that you can watch previous episodes online.

There is a LOT of uncertainty at work. Our numbers for students are very low. This means that we will most likely lose 1-3 teachers. I won't be one of the teachers to go, because I have plenty of senority. This will most likely mean that I will go from sixteen students to twenty-nine. I don't mind being at cap with my class, but I would have much preferred to have them from the very first day. There is so much that I will have to reteach regarding routines and procedures. I have a great student teacher, so that is a plus.


ChiTown Girl said...

That's how I feel every freakin' day! Every day, I've received 2-3 new kids, so I'm constantly starting over :(

I hope things level out for you soon.

My journey to weigh loss said...

God Bless Teachers!!