Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Recap and Next Steps...

I had a great time in the mountains this weekend! :) It is such a gorgeous area, and fall to boot! I had lots of great food. Time to get back on track. I did well with my protein shakes, but certainly heavy on the carbs.

Today at Mallory's party, my uncle thought I was my sister. After he realized it was me, I thought in my head...."I'm actually about 15 pounds smaller than her," but of course I didn't say that! I got several compliments on my weight/appearance. My one aunt said I had to start eating...ha ha, if she only knew! When it came time to get chili, she said, "You are getting in front of me, so I can make sure you eat something." Funny.

At Scale Junkie, she talks about there being 87 days left of this year. She gave herself 8 free days, and the rest of the days, she wants to stick to her plan. I really like the thinking behind that. Here are my for sure free days:

One Day While in Seattle
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Years Eve
2 Floating Days

It is nice thinking you have some planned free eating days. I know some people who stick to their plan for six days, then whatever they wanted on the seventh day. This is too much freedom for me right now. More on this later.

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