Monday, October 13, 2008

Comment From Another Teacher on My Team...

Another teacher on my team says to me this morning, "How does your closet keep up?" I looked at her strangely. She said you keep on slimming down, how can you keep buying new clothes to accommodate? I have lost 13 pounds since starting my job. When you started where I was at, 13 doesn't seem like anything. I really forget how every few pounds really does make a difference at this stage in the game. (I just did the math, those "thirteen" pounds represented 8% of my body weight --- since school started, that I have lost. Wow, seeing it in that light really does make a difference.)

I spoke with my principal about my acidosis, and needing to get bloodwork done on the 24th. I hate missing on Fridays or Mondays, because it does look like you are trying to "pad" your weekend. I have always wanted (and had) great relationships with my bosses, and it is important to me for that to continue. Especially with the small possibility that Ben and I could get married, and I will want an excellent reference for applying for new positions. He was very concerned for me, and asked if I needed to take tomorrow off to go get things squared away. I said I was on meds, so that would not be necessary. It is nice to work for someone so thoughtful.

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