Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Thoughts

These thoughts are pretty random, so here goes!

If I could lose five more pounds (and pick the location of where that weight would come from) would be my stomach. I really have to pay close attention to what I wear, because if not, I can look like "I'm starting to show"....which would be great, IF I WERE REALLY PREGNANT! Sadly, this area of my body is going to be the hardest to lose because I really need some plastics in my stomach.

Ben came over last night as a surprise. That was a very welcomed surprise.

I'm leaving at the crack of dawn for Seattle on Saturday, still need to pack and do laundry.

I am getting cold all the time now. I have been wearing my jacket over my sweaters to work.

Looking forward to Halloween fun tonight with Ben. I'll post pictures if I have time.