Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Talk With My Class Today...

Today my students and I had a talk about nutrition. I voluntarily eat lunch with my students every day, instead of taking a twenty minute break. I like learning more about them, and I feel that they are better behaved when they eat lunch with me.

I have made it clear to my students that they need to get a fruit, protein, vegetable, and grain as they go through the lunch line. (Keep in mind that breakfast and lunch are the best meals most of my students get due to circumstances in their lives.) They still buy chips or bring in chips, gatorade, candy, and the like. Today I talked with them about how eating chips is ok, but NO ONE needs to eat chips every day. No one needs multiple cookies a day, etc. My kids were pretty into the discussion.

What really made me think was that there would be no possible way that I could have this discussion with my students when I weighed 393 pounds. I never felt I could talk with them about nutrition, because I was so overweight. I would have felt like a complete hypocrite. I could only image how much more this pressure is within the medical community, as the "norm" for what people should weigh continues to creep up.

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