Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Scale is LEAVING the CONDO...

I got a call from my doctor yesterday morning at 7:40 am. We were on the phone for twenty minutes. I love my new PCP, and she is a whiz at bloodwork. I have acidosis right now. She said that my body needs a balance between acids and bases, and right now my body is too acidic. She is starting me out on a prescription for Potassium, and I get my labs redrawn in two weeks. If things don't improve, I may possibly be getting bicarbonate through IV. I still have a lot of questions, but I am waiting to talk with my cousin who is a nurse practioner so she can explain much more to me. I am scared though.

I really wanted to get to 140, but I am at 147. I think this is where I am going to stay. After talking with my PCP, clearly my health is where I need to focus on, instead of the number on the scale. I am a scale junkie. I weigh all the time. I am really affected by the number I see. As hard as it is going to be, this is the right step for me right now. I am going to give the scale to Ben tonight to keep at his place. I am usually at his place once every week or so. Not sure if I will weigh (I know I will want to), but I will have access to it if I want it.

Edited to Add: I watched an HBO documentary called "Thin" about six months ago. It was dealing with girls who were in treatment facilities for aneroxia. One thing the clinic did was weigh them backwards so that they could not see the number. I am seriously considering having Ben check my weight for me, and not know more of the details dealing with the number. Might seem extreme for some, but I am entertaining the thought.

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