Monday, October 27, 2008

Cram Packed Week

This week is so jam packed. I'm not going to face it with a bad attitude though...but I am going to face it head on with some STARBUCKS. :) I have not a clue what we are doing in Seattle, and I'm ok with that. I'm just looking forward to the long weekend there.

Yesterday I got to see Vicki and Ken at our KYADS meeting. That was a good time. I always look forward to hearing their perspective on all things WLS related, and in general. Both of them are extremely wise people.

Last night I got to go to church to hear a special speaker. This is at my church. (I have been going regularly with Ben to his church.) The one comment that was said that really struck me was, "We worry about failing in the eyes of man, when we should be concerned about succeeding in the things that don't matter to God." I need to let that comment seep in and marinated in my brain for some time.