Friday, October 24, 2008


Ben is so sweet. He has read my list of things that I would like to do, and we have commented on how I have been able to do many of them. One of them is that I wanted to be light enough that a man could give me a piggy back ride. Ben really wants to be able to do this for me. He has suggested it several times. Last night we were down by the waterfront, and he wanted to try it again (this is the second time he has been so eager to do it). I told him that it wasn't him, but it was me. It took me forever to sit on his lap, because there is so much in my head about what I weigh. What I weigh in my head is not what the scale says to me. It is hard for those two numbers to align. He was very sweet about it, and says that the offer stands any time when I am ready.

The boy is working like crazy to help my self concept. Seriously. He is saying so many nice things, I think it may finally be sinking into my thick scull. He was trying to load me down with Hershey's chocolate that his mom sent up. Last night, I was sitting next to him, and he wrapped his arms around me, and commented how he could wrap his arms all the way around me with a whole lot of room to spare. Later on he had his hands on my waist, and was saying how he could almost wrap his hands completely around my waist. (I almost cried thinking about that comment, knowing how huge I had been.) Last week when I was sitting in his lap, he commented that I was significantly lighter than the last time I was in his lap. (Of course, he prefaced the comment that I wasn't heavy that time either....just that he noticed a difference.) He also says that me sitting in his lap is his favorite way to hold me.

Off to get labs drawn today. I hope that my acidosis is better after taking all this potassium.