Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shopping Trip

I am now the owner of a quilted vest. I bought it tonight. I have wanted these before, but never would buy one, because the last thing I wanted was some "extra padding" on me. It really looked cute on me tonight. I got a blue one. Hopefully, there will be a picture of me in it, AFTER I get my hair cut and colored on Saturday.

I also got several skirts and sweater type things. I had zero winter clothes that I can wear. I got quite a bit for the money, as I bought them at Cato. Now I need some new flannel pjs, and life will be swell. Ok, I am also thinking about splurging and getting a pair of flannel lined jeans. I've always wanted them, but not been able to have them as a former fat girl.

As I was shopping the woman who was helping said some interesting things to me. She was joking about how I was taking down all her display clothes. I thought about it....display clothes are always the SMALLER sizes, because they look the best when displayed. I am wearing the display clothes! Woot! Woot! Then when I was checking out the same lady was saying how she would buy cute clothes just like me if she were as small as me.

I got to have dinner with Ben tonight. That was nice to be able to see him for a little bit.

Need some zzzz's, will write more later.

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