Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Reason I Know I am Smaller...

I am searching for thermal underwear online. I really think I am going to need it this year. I would love to get a few pairs of flannel lined jeans from LL Bean, but it is cheaper to buy a few sets of thermals to stay warm. I cannot believe how easily I get cold now.

I have decided to take Thomika, one of my students out on Thursday. We are going to a very nice restaurant. I had her call today and make the reservation. Afterwards, I think we are going to hit up Incredible Daves for some grown up Chucky-Cheese time. :) Woooo Hooo! Fun pictures will certainly follow.

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Lisa Williams said...

Tiffany, you are such a blessing to your class. I personally believe that we should all strive to make a difference while we are here on this earth. You are truly making a difference.

I'm in awe!