Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PCP Visit Today

My PCP wants me to stop the weight loss. I have lost 11 pounds on her scale since I saw her last. I explained to her how I was eating, so she couldn't agrue with me on that point. I have personally decided that I am going to creatively disagree with her on this point. I want to get to the mid range of a normal BMI for certain.

I think one issue that my PCP (and many PCPs may have) is that our society is so big now. When a person my size comes in, I appear to be normal, or even "small." I have also stated earlier that she is on the bigger side herself (not really big, but a bit chunky), and I think perhaps when she sizes me up to herself she thinks I don't need to lose any weight.

Ben came to see my classroom today. He was very complimentary on how it looked. I got to introduce him to a few coworkers as well. Then we went to pick up his mom from the airport and have dinner together. She was a very sweet lady, and we got along very well. Tomorrow we are going for brunch together.

I am off to bed. I want a FULL night's sleep tonight.

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