Friday, August 1, 2008

Dentist Update

I went to the dentist, and did not have to have a root canal. I am still not out of the woods yet. I have another tooth next week she is going to work on, and there is a possibility of a root canal on that one. Which brings me to the subject of crowns...I will be needing 3-4 of them. I am going to get one over Christmas break, one over Spring Break, one at the start of summer, etc. I was happy to find out that just because you need a crown does not mean you need a root canal. :) I thought they came together as a package. I could of course wait it out until I desperately need the crowns, but then that means I will have to have another summer of dental torture. Quite frankly, I am still recovering from the summer of 2006 dental torture.

My dentist and her assistant, Mary, were talking about how great I looked. I told them both that I wanted to lose another 15 pounds. The both said that I didn't need to lose anymore weight. I still have several places with good size pockets of fat. I think there is some shock value when people who have known me look at me. They see where I came from and think wow she looks great. While that is wonderful, I still want to get into the middle range of a healthy BMI.

I am stocking up on protein bars, etc at The school year is getting ready to start, and I want a lot of quick and easy products easily at my disposal.

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