Tuesday, August 26, 2008

17 Months Post-Op Today

I weighed in at 153 pounds. I am down a total of eight pounds for this month. It feels wonderful to have 240 pounds GONE.

I would love to see my feet planted firmly in the 140's for next month.

I think the quote that really summarizes my thoughts at this point is the Neil Armstrong quote. "Accomplishing a goal is not nearly as important as the person you become accomplishing it." I will have to write more about this later.


Stephanie Quilao said...

I LOVE that quote! And yay for you for being 240 lbs lighter.

It is so true. I have to say that accomplishing a goal for me was more about learning about myself and growing than reaching the goal itself.

Tia L. said...

Once again I have to say, you rock, girl! I'm so proud of you!