Monday, August 4, 2008

Before the Breakthru....

As I have lost weight since having the DS, I've noticed that there always seems to be quite a bit of resistance from your body before a breakthru. Some examples for me were: getting below the 300 pound mark, 100 pounds lost, and you all remember my frustration with wanting to reach ONEderland!

I am at that place again. I am TWO pounds from a normal BMI. My body has been parked for a little over a week and a half here. This time I know that I will breakthru, I just have no clue WHEN I will do so. I know in the past eating more has helped me, so I could certainly try that.

I am off to go work in my classroom, then I will be going to the GED center this evening. I am so thrilled that school will be starting in just a few days!

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