Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can I Just Be Done Already....?

I want to be DONE. I have said that for some time. Yet, I know I want to keep pressing forward with my weight loss. I was talking things out with my Gran, and this is the biggest reason. If I had already had children, and was at 156, I think I would be fine. I have not had children, and think I would like to have at least two of them. Thinking through that, it is not ok to stop where I am at. Yes, I believe that the DS will help me with life long weight loss maintenance. Yet, battling off pregnancy weight, I want to be at the lower end of my BMI when I get pregnant.

Aside from that major reason, I want to achieve this goal. I've never reached a weight loss goal like this. I want to achieve 100% success.

Another thing that is just very interesting to me is how much flab you can still have on your body, yet be considered a reasonable weight. I still have a decent amount of flab on me, yet many people think my weight is fine.

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