Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scale Moving Down

The scale moved down three pounds this morning! I am down to 164 pounds now. The biggest thing is that I saw my BMI was 25.7. I am ALMOST to a NORMAL BMI!!! Oh Happy Days!

I wanted to mention that I have not forgotten about measuring my inches. I have decided to wait awhile until the next time I measure them. I am now getting to the point where the changes are not going to be "drastic" anymore. I really don't have the need to measure each month now. I measured at the beginning of June, and will probably measure again at the first of August/September.

I have decided to bump my goal weight down to 145. When I was really heavy, I used to think that I was "big boned" which I guess many a fat girl thought. The truth is that as more and more weight sheds I realize that I am much more petite than I ever would have imagined bone structure wise.

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