Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Formal Dresses

So this afternoon I pick up the formal dress I will be wearing to Mandi's wedding. We had previously gone with a different dress that was much more lose fitting, but it was not in stock. She said she took our measurements we gave her, and ordered a different dress. I am fully expecting to see a size 12 dress when I open this box. Imagine my freaking out when I see a SIZE 10 dress inside this box.

The whole rest of the way home, I am completely panicked, thinking this dress is NOT going to fit. We are also at a time crunch right now, as far as if it would be feasible to get a replacement dress in before the wedding. I also think back to 2005 when I was the maid of honor in my sister's wedding. From this same company I got the BIGGEST dress that they made (size 32), and it barely fit.

The dress fits wonderfully. It looks very flattering on me. I cannot believe it. Mandi also told me that I am the second smallest in the wedding party. The smallest girl is her sister, and she had to get a size 8.

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