Saturday, July 26, 2008

16 Months Post Op

This dress is a size MEDIUM! :)
I will try to post pictures of me in a form fitting top and pair of pants too.

I cannot believe it has been one year and four months since I had the DS! The further I get from surgery, the faster time seems to fly. My life is so full now, it amazes me how fast the time passes.


* I lost 6 pounds this month. I would have liked to have seen this number higher, but considering I went on a trip for nine days where I ate VERY carb heavy (because I didn't like most of the food, so I had tons of bread), I am pleased with the weight loss.
* My current weight is 161 pounds.
* I have lost a grand total of 232.6 pounds.
* I have lost 59% of my body (from my surgery weight until today.)
* I have lost 93.5% of my excess weight.
* I am 3 tenths of a point from a NORMAL BMI!!!
* I am 16 pounds to my pre-plastics goal.
* I wear mainly medium in tops (8/10), and do not see me getting smaller up top until I have some type of plastics work done on my arms.
* As for pants/skirts, I am in a size 10. I still have a few pairs of size 12 that fit, but most of my clothing is a size 10.

In thinking beyond the stats...

I am continually amazed at what my body can do. Even some simple things truly amaze me. I have so much more physical stamina. I am stepping out of the comfort zone I have lived in for so long with running, and soon this Fitness Boot Camp. I am also going to start going to a Spinning Class at a local church.

I am also amazed at how small my bone structure is. I have really began to notice that the past few months. Looking in the mirror is still something that trips me out. I really do not recognize the girl that is staring back at me. At the end of dancing last night, we did a line dance. This was the first time of the evening I really had a chance to get to watch myself in the mirror. I didn't really look different than all the other female dancers that were there. I wish I could maintain this rational level of thinking all the time, but the mental war still rages on.

I saw my sister yesterday on a family outing. I know for certain now that I am smaller than her. Please don't misread that statement as me being competitive with my sister about weight. It is just that I have always been the fat one, and it is nice that I am the smaller one for a change. I had many many years of being the fat sister title, and I am certainly ready to give that up.

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