Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back from Holiday

I enjoyed my trip to Colombia South America. It is always eye opening to visit another culture, and in many ways realize how blessed you are. I will post some pictures within the next week or two.

It was hard being in a culture where the majority of people are much smaller. Not just in weight alone, but their actual bone structure seemed to be smaller than ours. I felt like I really stuck out quite a bit. Again, the mental battle rages on.

A Few WOWS....
* No problems with physical stamina.
* I borrowed the jacket of one of the guys on the trip, a size medium, and it fit me.
* There was no questioning whether or not I was able to go zip lining, as far as my weight. (I chickened out, and did not go.)
* I was very comfortable in the airplane. I could cross my legs, and had tons of room to spare with the seat belt.

Ben picked me up from the airport. I really did miss him. He said that Colombia had treated me well because I came back even prettier. (Is he not a doll?) When he hugged me, he commented that he could tell I had lost weight. The next thing he said was, "Not that you needed to lost any weight." He said there was nothing but bones on my side. I know the conversation about my weight loss surgery needs to come up soon, but I really want to hold off and just be a normal person for a little bit more.

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