Sunday, July 6, 2008

Horseback Riding!!!

Ben took me out for my birthday surprise day today. We went horseback riding first! He said he remembered that I wanted to go do that, and decided my birthday celebration would be perfect. I was nervous about getting on the horse (and staying on it too!), but Ben helped me get on the horse. After a few laps around the ring, we went for about 2-3 miles on a trail through the woods. I did not fall off the horse! It was so much fun. My butt is so sore though!!!

What really strikes me about this picture is that I look normal. I don't feel like I often look "normal," I still feel like a really fat disguisting person. Then I see pictures of myself, or my reflection in the mirror, and I am floored.

Next, we had dinner at Red Lobster. From Red Lobster, we went to see Oklahoma put on by the Jewish Community Center. We ended the night with a walk through the park. For my birthday he gave me a C.S. Lewis book, and he also got us both the book "Love and Respect." We are going to read and study it together.

Today was AMAZING. BEST birthday celebration EVER!!!

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Lisa Williams said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration. I'm envious and so happy for you. Ben sounds like a prince.