Friday, July 25, 2008

Dancing Tonight and Fitness Boot Camp

I am gonig ballroom dancing tonight, and I cannot wait! I really do enjoy going. I would love to become really good at it. It is certainly a challenge, but I do not feel overwhelmed, like it is something I cannot do.

Speaking of new challenges:

FITNESS BOOT CAMP (Click the words for the link to the site. Links are very hard to see on my blog.) I am going to do the next Fitness Boot Camp that they offer. This is set to begin sometime in August. I watched the You Tube video on the site, and I want to try it out. I have lots of fears that I will be the slowest and most out of shape, but I am not going to let that hold me back. There will never be perfect circumstances, and I can make this happen from where I am right now. What an accomplishment it will be to say that I completed the ten sessions.

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