Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Elastic Waist Pants: Just Say NO

I was talking today at the office with another girl who is going to be co-presenting with me tomorrow and Wednesday. We are about the same age, and she had expressed how she was unhappy with the weight gain she had experienced in the last five years. She was saying how she needed to wear more pants with zippers/buttons, but how she always seems to resort back to the elastic waist type ones.

I told her I absolutely agreed. I am NEVER going back to elastic waist clothing (except PJs and exercise apparel). The elastic waist allows the illusion that things are still ok, that you are not getting heavier. Especially if you are not weighing yourself daily, you could easily gain 10-15 pounds in some of those type pants, and it not look "that bad." The further out from surgery I get, the more I realize it is indeed small choices daily that add up to the big messes we are in. Elastic pants, AKA "Fat Pants", are no longer a part of my life.

My bridesmaid dress is in, I just have to go over to the post office tomorrow and pick it up. I am hoping it fits just fine, but secretly, I would love for it to be too big. I'll post something about it tomorrow night.

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