Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not. Super. Woman

I didn't run the 5K this morning. I slept, and it was good. I have really been running myself ragged, and needed some good sleep. It was nice that my body actually cooperated, and let me sleep in, instead of having me wide awake at 7 or so.

I was asked yesterday to be a night manager at one of the GED locations. I am not exactly sure what all my responsibilities will include, but I know I will be supervising 4-5 teachers. I really like working with GED students, so I'm excited to see what becomes of this opportunity.

Ben and I went out last night to celebrate him finishing up classes. We ate at Huber's Restaurant in Indiana, then went to the planetarium for some laser light shows, and finally to see Wall-E. It was such a great night. This week has been so busy, it was nice to just relax. He asked if he could take me to the airport on Monday. :)

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