Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trifles and Such

Tomorrow I am hosting Ladies Fellowship at the house.  I went to the Taste of Home website, to find they had an abundance of trifle recipes displayed.  I picked a trifle bowl from HH's grandmother (when we went through her house), and was excited to use it.  I wanted to do one with fresh fruit, but our selection isn't that great this time of year, and I wasn't going to be in a bigger town to get it. 
Peanut Butter Apple Dessert

What a show piece! 

In the mini crockpot we will have...

Pizza Dip

For the main dish we have....

Creamy Italian Chicken

A Few of the Ladies...

Pimping Out My Friend's Door (of the Preschool she owns)

Thanks Be Different, Act Normal

Now I am looking at Google Images to find at least one more idea for another teacher friend.  I may do it for a few more teachers.  My former student teachers would be laughing, because they know how ANTI decorating my door I am!

We had slow-cooker Honey Sesame Chicken the other night.