Thursday, April 26, 2012

Treat Friday

I have a half-day with my students tomorrow, then to kick off the weekend I've got training on how the state computer testing will be revamped!  (Be jealous!)

A dear teacher friend has a birthday on Sunday, so I made Peanut Butterliscious Bars for her and her class.  I also got her a personalized recipe box. 

For the staff I made Royal Berry Coffee Cake

Need help on your classroom management?  How about displaying a huge bowl of Monster Cookies?  Yep, I'll be doing that tomorrow!  I'm pretty good with discipline, and one of my friends has called me "The Kid Whisperer," but with so few days of school left, I will resort to these measures!

So what is HH doing while I am baking?  He is in the kitchen reading to me my lesson from The History of Christian Thought.  Oh yes ladies, he is a sweetheart!

We leave for VEGAS on Wednesday!

This morning, my rings fell off the necklace I wear them on.  (I can wear them on my fingers, but have kind of got in the habit of wearing them on the necklace.  Not to mention with the swelling from upcoming plastics, I'll have to wear them on my necklace again anyhow.)  I couldn't find my engagement ring.  I wake HH up to look for it with me.  I had to get ready for work, so I left him to look.  When I come back in, he is laying in bed with his eyes closed.  I am thinking, how could this not be bothering him?  How can he compartmentalize so easily?  I looked closer, and he had the ring on his pinky finger!  He said, "Hey, lets get married in Vegas...."  I said sure thing, how about next Wednesday?  :)

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