Thursday, April 19, 2012

Key Lime Cake

(With limes lovingly zested by HH)

HH's Consolation Prize...

There were two pieces leftover after church tonight.  When we got in, I put them in the trash, so I could clean the plate.  HH wanted a piece later, and he was majorly bummed that it was in the trash.  He said it was one of my best.  I instinctly say, "Does that mean my other desserts haven't been good?"  He says no, but that should tell you where it ranks among them.  So I gave HH the remaining trifle from Sunday.  He didn't eat the whole thing, but I didn't want to dirty up anymore dishes.

Cinnamon Cinnabon Cake

Before it went into the oven.  I felt like I was in a coffee shop back home where they make a swirl design in your coffee. 

I normally don't insist on trying something I make the night I make it.  This was an exception.  The recipe made two, so I'll be taking the remaining 1 3/4 cakes to school tomorrow to pass out.

I'm really getting my game face on for this master's class I will be co-teaching this summer on literacy in July.  Stuff is starting to really flow together, and I am beyond geeked out about it.  :) 

I went to the local doctor here, and I was really pleased.  I presented her with four pages of documentation explaining my surgery, and she read it all.  I showed her the meds I take, and gave her my long laundry list of labs.  She was very willing to draw the labs, and she said she would refer me for a Dexascan (bone density scan).  She was worried about as to how many of the labs she would perform in one given day.  I told her I could handle quite a few, but I am gathering that I will do it in two visits. 

If I counted right, I have made 48 different recipes in the last two months!  I love learning new stuff!

I just finished reading The Emancipation of Robert Saddler: The True Story of a Twentieth Century Slave.  This book was hard to read at times.  What an amazing man....

I'm about half the way through with I Do, Now What?  Secrets, Stories, and Advice from a Badly In-Love Couple.  I think they have an interesting relationship, and have some perspectives to look at.  I also want to eat at their restaurant the next time I am in Chicago.  (Sadly, I don't know when that will be Chitown Girl!)

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ChiTown Girl said...

You just made my laugh out loud. Check out how you typed the name of the Rancic's book. You wrote "badly" in love, but the cover says "madly" in love! hahahaha!!

Those desserts all look amazing, especially the Cinnabon one. Yum! I can't believe you threw perfectly good cake in the trash! What were you thinking, woman!?