Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wow! It is already March!

I cannot believe that 1/6 of the year has already passed by!

Last night Ben and I narrowed the cakes down to three choices. I am going to submit those to the wedding cake person and go from there. We also agreed on the wording for the wedding invitations. We will need to order more invitations though. I underestimated the number that would be needed.

We had dinner at Turkey Joes, and then went ballroom dancing. I really like doing it! I think I would like to invest in a really good pair of shoes that were intended for just that purpose. Many of the ladies at the studio have them. I will have to ask about what is a good brand, etc.

I went yesterday to drop off my taxes. I have majorly slacked with getting those done this year. I've gone to the same lady for 6 years. I knocked on her door, and let myself in. There was a couple she was working with (her living room is her office during tax season). I apologized for interupting, and asked her where could I leave my tax information. She motioned where to put it, but kept giving me this strange look. She finally said, "You have lost a ton of weight." I had to think about it, but this time last year, I was hovering right around the 200 pound mark. I replied, "I've lost about 60 pounds since I've last seen you."

Bathing suits are starting to come out. I am going to have my mom and sister go with me to start finding a swim suit. I dread this process, but I cannot use the ones that I have previously borrowed from friends, they are way too big. I know I will need one for the honeymoon, so I might as well start looking while the selection is the largest.

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Terry Smith said...

I have a beautiful pair of ballroom shoes in an 8 or 8.5 that were worn a couple of times before my daughter outgrew them. If that's your size, I'd gladly ship them to you. I want them to go to someone who will dance!