Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mainly a Photo Post

Above is a picture with me and two of my students celebrating their victory of School President and Vice-President. This was taken on Thursday, the day of my two year anniversary post-op.

Below, I am just acting silly on the plane before it takes off.

So Norman Rockwell...

Tortilla Lasagna
This turned out AWESOME! My only regret was that I was not able to use low-carb tortillas. They did not have any at the store. :(

I have never made a pie before. The crust was pre-made, but everything else was from scratch. One of the hardest parts was peeling the apples. I am not good at that at all. I peeled two in the time it took Ben's mom to peel five. She also left significantly more apple on the apple, while I peeled away more apple.
The apple pie meets Ben's approval!

Today was a good day, and I am really enjoying my time with his family. I am also looking forward to some R&R this week.

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