Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amazing Quote from Lyn at Escape from Obesity

Lyn's Quote:

Freedom isn't about being able to eat whatever you want. It isn't about buying a bunch of candy bars and inhaling them all at once. Real freedom is not about indulging every desire; it's about being free to live your life and enjoy your moments... being able to walk down the block if you want to, or take your kids to the park and play with them. It's about being able to vacuum and mop the floors without hyperventilating or collapsing into a big sweaty puddle of agony without even finishing the job. Real freedom is control. It's about being able to set boundaries for yourself, rather than having them set *for* you by your weight. The false freedom in a binge... the sense of being "able" to eat whatever you want... does not lead to happiness. Real joy, I am finding, comes from being *in control* of my intake, which results not just in weight loss but also in the ability to live life the way I want to live it.

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