Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My guy is so supportive. Last night I was sitting on his lap, and I asked him if I felt five pounds heavier, and he laughed. He said I felt the same as I did before. Even if you gain five pounds you will still be beautiful. Then he rationalizes several reasons as to why I have probably had a weight gain. This morning he said, "Look at that sleek slender frame you have."

The heat has been coming on when I turn on my air conditioning, so the guys are here fixing that right now. I always like to be well ahead of the game to make sure my AC is in full working order before the mad spring rush hits. Thank heavens I don't sweat/get hot like I used to though. That was MISERABLE.

My Chia seeds came in the mail today. Here is an article about their benefits. I am waiting for an email back from another DSer to see how I need to incorporate them into my diet appropriately.

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