Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not a Homerun..

Bacon Potato Pancakes

These turned out "ok"...but that is it. I didn't end up making them as pancakes because I am a little uncomfortable frying things to begin with. I decided to cook them up as hash browns. The bottom of the pan got really brown, and I could not get the hashbrowns brown like I wanted them to be. They tasted pretty good though.

Apple-Stuffed Pork Chops:

These were quite a bit of work, but smelled divine coming out of the oven! I had not accounted for time correctly, so Ben and I had already had our hashbrowns as our first course. It was certainly a good thing, because we were too full to eat very much of the pork chops. This morning, Ben's mom told me that the pork chops were not done all the way, but the not cooked as well as they should be part was down by the bone. We got too full to eat that much of the pork chop. I want to stuff things again, but botching these up puts those types of recipes lower down on my priority list.

We took a moment to pose by the Monsters verses Alien advertisement. We saw this movie and really enjoyed ourselves.

Today we went through things at Ben's grandmothers house. We got to select anything that we might potentially want. Tonight we watched "The Family that Preys," I love Tyler Perry movies.

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