Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a GREAT Day!!!

I was going to post a few other pictures, but blogger is taking forever to load for some reason. My day started off most excellent at 6:30 this morning when my beloved called to tell me that he had been standing outside the entire night waiting for WICKED tickets to go on sale. He had the first spot in line for when the box office opened at 8:00. :) Wow...did I feel loved!
I had a great day with my students. I had my conference about my job evaluation today, and things went extremely well. He seems very pleased with my performance. He even said he saw me teaching methods courses for the University of Louisville as part of our signature partnership. That was a real blessing to me. I am trying hard, and I want to do well.
After work, Ben and I went to get our pumpkin. We had some chinese, watched Luther while he carved the pumpkin. Then we went walking down this street in town where almost everyone decorates big time for Halloween. The picture above was the two of us in front of the Charlie Brown theme house. It was my personal favorite. Ben showered me with compliments about how beautiful I am, and how skinny I am.
I have not gone to bed, and I'm getting ready for Seattle. I am so excited to be going out of town for a few short days. I'm going to allow myself some complex carbs, but I am not going to have candy this weekend. The slope is way too slippery.


Lyn said...

Great pictures. Aren't you GLAD Halloween is over now??

Seattle is awesome. Hope you have a great time! I always take my kids to Woodland Park Zoo for a long leisurely walk around the peaceful grounds. Enjoy your trip!

Cassidy Lee said...

Hi! I'm new to your site. Just sort of stumbled across it. Totally engrossing, I had to keep going back to read more and more of what you have been through. Even though I'm a stranger- I just want to say that what you're doing is amazing. You seem so strong and brave. It's no easy task to embark upon the journey you're on and I wish you the very best of luck in finding your way and living your new life to the fullest!