Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Have a SCALE!!!

Today we arrived at the Inn at Biltmore Village. Each of our rooms has a scale in the bathroom. This place is ultra fancy. I've never stayed at a place that had a scale in the bathroom. Since mainly wealthy people stay at this type of hotel I found that interesting. There are statistics that support that wealthier people are thinner because it is valued at a much higher level. I weighed in at 143.6 pounds. This was in the evening, and I had not been to the bathroom. I am happy with that weight, and hope to report a lighter morning weight. The food here has been AWESOME. The dessert was awesome at lunch, but they had quite a bit of great food that was healthy.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun filled day. We are going to have breakfast, go on a carriage ride, and then tour the Biltmore Mansion in the evening at a special holiday candlelight event. I love the mansion, and am pumped about seeing it decorated for Christmas. Ben and I have taken several pictures together. I will post those after the trip is over.

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