Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hitting Home

I saw this picture on the "Weighty Matters" blog. It hits very close to home. Fast food was very much a part of my childhood. It was not a "treat," but instead something that we got at least three times a week. Once that pattern develops, it is hard to break it as an adult. I didn't break that habit as an adult, and the scale continued to skyrocket. What we feed kids matters. The one family I am close to packs lunches when they drive to places that are a few hours away. He is a fast food executive. I still go to fast food places, although much less frequently, but I am smarter about what I eat (as far as the boundaries of my surgery).
While I was at the Biltmore....I ate like a queen. It was amazing the stuff that I ate. I didn't really feel guilty about it because I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I was able to monitor my weight on the scale. I wish that America would become so health aware that all hotels would have scales as a standard part of their room.

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