Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lesson Learned

Last night my stomach was KILLING ME. I have particularly noticed over the past few weeks how much more I can eat quantity wise. This is to be expected, as over time our stomach is supposed to stretch back out, and our rearranged intestines is what helps DSer's to maintain their weight loss. Even though I am almost 20 months out, I love having the restriction, and want to do the best that I can to maintain the restriction.

Last night, I had a LOT of food. For a regular person, no it was not a lot quantity wise, but for me it certainly was. I didn't feel sick at all. I didn't feel uncomfortable, until about 10 pm. I felt like I had rocks in my stomach, and I was in miserable pain. I was thirsty, but drinking only seemed to make it worse. The feeling finally passed, but did I ever learn a lesson. Moderation is the key. I've read that health expects say you should stop at a 7 and not at a 10 in terms of feeling full. (Ten would mean you feel that after Thanksgiving meal stuffed, and seven being content but not miserable.)

The changes I need to make are:

1. Going back to eating my protein completely first. This is going back to the basics. I need the protein, and it has to be a non-negotiable.

2. Examining the quantities of what I eat in a single sitting. I know I need to eat multiple times a day, but need to work on the quantity of food items. Just because an particular item goes down very well, doesn't mean I need to eat twice as much of it. One example I can think of right now is toast. I have been having two pieces of toast in the morning, and usually in the evening over the past two weeks. I need to scale that back. Perhaps my body would be just fine with one piece of toast in the morning.

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