Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Day

I ate like CRAP today. Seriously. I have no more fun sized M&M bags in my classroom, and that my friends is a wonderful praise. I wanted to tell one of my kids to guard them and cut me off from them. M&Ms are a big trigger food for me. It doesn't take a second to have them gone either. Well, a handful here and a handful there certainly add up to way too many carbs.

I was proud of how I handled a situation today with one of my students, Andre. He was in a very testy mood, and it escalated when I took the kids to special area this morning. I really thought he was going to go off. I took him back to the classroom, and he was seriously trying to buck everything I said. I finally asked him what gives, why was he acting this way. He spilled everything about how he had a bad morning at daycare, and that it had affected his day thus far. I am happy I took the time to relate to him, and I know we made progress in our relationship.

I am so pumped about Christmas day. :) I saw an article in the paper about adopting a soldier on Christmas Day. I asked Ben about it, and he is game. We are going to pick up a soldier at 8am on Christmas Day, he/she will go to church, my grandmothers (to get a home cooked meal), and something else, before we have to take them back to the base at 9pm. I am very excited about this opportunity to be a blessing to our military in some small way.

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