Friday, November 14, 2008

A Rant

I went on a small rant with Ben last night. Poor guy. I felt bad afterwards, I guess I just really needed some reassurance. I had called to see if I could meet him to pick up something he had bought for my friend. He said he was going to Dairy Queen with some friends, but I could meet him afterwards. After I hung up, I immediately called back. I asked if he was ashamed to take the fat girl to Dairy Queen. (I also had brought up how one time a few months ago, after we went out, he said he was going to a party at his friend's house, and didn't invite me.) He did everything in his power to reassure me.

We ended up going out to Dennys afterwards, and I got some shrimp. (Mmmmmmm!) At the end of the meal, I had decided I wanted dessert, and he wanted me to assure him that I could eat all of it (in a fun sort of way). I told him that I would do my best. :)

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Chantelle said...

MMM icecream. :)

I tagged you on my blog. xx