Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Cute....

Prior to losing all the weight, I used to keep two framed pictures out on display in my classroom. One was of me with my first ever class back in 2001, the other would be the current class I was teaching. I have them tucked away in a cabinet. One of my students was putting away a calculator and said, "Ms. E, do you have a sister?" I replied yes, and she motioned me over. She saw a picture of me at around 320 pounds with my class from 2005, and she thought it was my sister! Again, it is so hard to register there are now people that have never known me as "fat."

I am getting ready to start some laundry and major cleanup. My mom is going to help me out with cooking for my class tomorrow night. She was already originally coming up to help me pack. Her attitude is so sour. If one of her friends asked for help, she would bend over backwards in a heartbeat. She will do it for me as well, but not without lots of complaining. :(

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