Friday, November 28, 2008


I had a great Thanksgiving day. I missed being with my family a little bit, but last year I was not with them either. The spread of food at the Biltmore Inn was beyond belief. There was anything you could have imagined, and I tried quite a bit.

One thing that I am proud of myself in how I am different is: If I don't really REALLY like the taste of something, I don't eat it anymore. This has happened twice at the Biltmore with pastries. The pastries were ok, but that was it. I took one bite, and didn't finish them. This has been a pattern I have developed back home as well. My friend Wendy says, "If I don't love it, there is no point in wasting my calories on it." The formerly SSMO me, would have been all about finishing it just because it was in front of me. I really like this change that I have made over the past 20 months. Early out, it was just because I didn't have the stomach space to waste though.

I will post more this evening, I have to get ready for breakfast, pottery, and to see Gingerbread houses!

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