Friday, June 13, 2008

Things I am Thankful For...

Since I have had such a negative self-deprecating disposition concerning my body image lately, I decided to list things I am thankful for regarding my body. Most of these things have been listed before throughout this blog, but I need to remember them again. Thanks for reading along with me.
  • I no longer wear size 36W jeans.
  • I no longer wear size 5x/6X shirts.
  • My cholesterol has gone from 189 to 120. (At one point it was 105.)
  • I will be able to live to see 40, wheras before I wasn't even sure I would make it that far.
  • I am able to work. I never lost this ability, but with how my weight was increasing, I could certainly see that as being a possibility a few years ahead had I not had WLS.
  • I no longer sit down in a chair and worry if the chair can withstand my weight.
  • I can easily fit in booths, with tons of room to spare.
  • I can shop in regular stores.
  • I was able to go skydiving.
  • People no longer move out of my way when I am walking beside them. They know there is enough room for me to pass without their moving.
  • People look me in the eye more. (This one is especially hard to relate to unless you have been SMO.)
  • I feel like I am treated more professionally at work than before WLS.
  • I hardly ever sweat anymore.
  • I have so much more energy.
  • People actually think my sister and I look alike now.
  • I can fly on a plane with ease.
  • I am diligent about taking my vitamins/supplements.
  • I am extremely proactive when it comes to the healthcare I receive, especially regarding my labs/bloodwork.
  • I am able to run!

Keep working on your own journey to health. That is why we are all in this. I have been discouraged lately, but better days are sure to come.

While we all want to achieve better health, I am personally trying to not let the number on the scale define me. There is more to Tiffany than just that number!

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