Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mama Loves Mambo

I had dinner and went dancing last night with Ben. I really had a great time dancing. He was again very complimentary of me, and said I had improved quite a bit from last time. We did work on the mambo for quite some time. Dancing is so much fun!

I met a lady who taught ballroom dancing at my school last year to the 5th graders. That would be a cool thing to work with her in the upcoming year, so I could help teach my students to dance.This girl also asked me how long I had been dancing. I told her it was my second time. She said that I catch on quickly. I have a STRONG suspicion that she was just being nice, but it was still sweet to hear.

Then the awkward part came, his ex-girlfriend came into the dancing studio. So what is the first thing I immediately do in my head....I compare my size to her size. (Ok, I do this with practically every girl I meet, but this time it meant more, because it was his ex-girlfriend.) I am guessing I am about 10-15 pounds heavier than she is.

The best part of the evening was as we were leaving the bookstore, and driving towards the dance studio. He said, "Tiffany, what do you say about making things official?" I asked him to clarify what he meant by that. He then asked me to be his girlfriend. :) I said YES! (I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have met a guy who knows what he wants, and doesn't want to stay in the just friends stage for ten million years.)

More updates later...time to go teach GED. Tonight we are going to a murder mystery theater performance.

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