Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mental Battles....

Tonight I went to a Bible study at a large church in town. I went with a co-worker. Before the study, we went into the bookstore that is located within the church. There was a Bible study on Eating Disorders. I really wanted to purchase it. No, I don't think I have a traditional eating disorder, but I know I have elements of something because of my constant flow of mental thoughts and my inaccurate body image. I think I am going to purchase it next week. I could really use some thoughts from a Christian perspective on this issue.

Onto the next subject...there is a guy I like. We are going out on a date Saturday. This brings up an ocean of thoughts, mainly questions. He has seen my pictures, and he is still interested in me. What will he think when he sees me in person? Is there a thought that he might actually want to have a relationship with me? (I struggle with always being Miss Congeniality. You know, the person with a nice smile and sweet spirit, but the girl that guys only want as a "friend.")

Off to bed. I hope I can turn my brain OFF.

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