Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh Yeah

I am presenting at a training institute for our district teachers. Yesterday, I ran into several people I know from the district. One of the ladies said, "You are at goal now aren't you?" Another lady said I was down by half since she last saw me. Those are great comments to hear.

I did end up buying the Eating Disorders book last night from church. I think it can help with my mindset some.

I need to seriously get in gear and finish packing up for my move into my new school on Monday and Tuesday. I have about 75% of it done, but have really been too busy to finish everything. I will be glad to have all this school stuff out of my house and back into a classroom.

Sleep would be GREAT right now, but when one can't sleep, there is always STARBUCKS! I will certainly be stopping on the way.

Good Quote:

"All great accomplishments were, at one time, considered impossible."

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