Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Times with the Scale

I am down another pound to 173 pounds. That makes for a total of two pounds lost this month. I am thinking that this ballrom dancing might help with my weight loss numbers if I keep it up. :)

I also just calculated this: I have lost 90.5% of of my excess weight! WOOT WOOT!!!!

I am thankful that I had the Duodenal Switch. I am far enough post-op that people with other surgeries reach the point where they start to regain some of their weight. This is just a common statistic of the other WLS out there. That doesn't mean those with the DS cannot gain weight, but statistically they are less likely to do so, especially to the extent that RNY and Lap-Band patients do.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I am giving the biggest presentation of my life. By that I mean, I am presenting to more people than I have ever presented to before. Had an opportunity come up like this prior to my losing the weight, I would have never had the confidence to share and lead a presentation. I am ready for the presentation, and it is nice to know that I can reflect a polished professional image too.

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