Monday, June 30, 2008

Possibly New PCP

I'm going today to interview a new PCP. This lady came highly recommended as being one of the best at monitoring bloodwork. As a DSer, this is something that I really need. I am hoping that she knows of my surgery, etc as well. I am hoping this lady is a winner, but I truly do need to be very picky, as I have to be the one who is proactive about my health.

This morning I am going to work in my classroom. It is so slow right now, and it is hard to see progress. I know it will look the way I want it to, but getting it to that point is going to take some doing.

We had our KADS meeting yesterday. It was good to be with the group. I am posting a picture of Ken and I. It is so weird, because I look so thin and healthy, but yet I don't see myself that way.

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