Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I've Been Cooking...

Baptists love to eat.  On the first Sunday of the month, there is always a potluck.  We also eat together every Wednesday night. 

Tonight I am bringing:

Smores on a Stick:  I don't have the exact reference for this, but it did come from Tina's blog, "Carrots and Cake."

I will add the cute little sticks to them when I get to the church.  I love simple things that look like they take a long time and are very complicated.

I needed to bring something else, but didn't want to do any major cooking.  I didn't want to use the stove at all.  I found this recipe in an old copy of Taste of Home magazine I had at the house.

I love how colorful this recipe is!  I wish I had a different color bowl other than green, but it was the largest bowl I had.  I used colby cheese, strawberries, almonds, and broccoli.  For the dressing it was a cup of mayo, two tablespoons of sugar, and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

On Sunday, I made Pasta Salad on a Stick (which I've made before), and Red, White, and Blue Strawberries.  The strawberries were all over the blogosphere, I'm using a stock photo from the internet to show them.

I had a massive fail with the almond bark on these.  The almond bark was not melting properly.  I always melt my almond bark in the microwave.  It looked like oatmeal.  I tried butter to help with the texture.  FAIL.  It had to be bad almond bark.  I was worried that the local grocery store would not have what I needed (we live in a very remote area), but I have really been pleased with what the grocery store has to offer.  They had almond bark, and the rest of making it was easy!


Miss Felicity said...

Tiffany! It all looks delicious. I think Ive actually seen the strawberry salad featured somewhere else too, in a magazine, maybe Eating Light? I cant wait to try it :0 thanks for sharing.

Bandita Senorita said...

That salad looks delish! Do you think it would be good without the strawberries though (any substitutes come to mind)? I love strawberries, but I'm not a big fan of mixing fruit with other types of non-dessert food. They fall into the non-dessert category with my palette for some reason. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

I looked at Carrots and Cake, but can't find that recipe. Help!

From the picture, it looks like you just dipped the marshmallows in melted chocolate, then in graham cracker crumbs. Is that it?

I LOVE that I can see your Keurig in the background of that first picture, by the way. ;-)