Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a Day!

I did cook last night, and will post that tomorrow.  I had plans to cook tonight, but that wasn't what happened. 

I started off the day by going back to bed on the recliner when HH went to work.  I got up with the chickens again, and had a bad headache.  I got two hours of sleep in.  BLISS.

Our garbage can finally arrived.  It only took two and half weeks, one visit, and one follow-up phone call to get.  We can now stop using the lady's dumpster across the street.

The furniture store came with HH's desk and three bookshelves.  Two of the bookshelves went to the church, and the other one went to our house.  They had to take one of the legs off the desk in order to get it down the hall and in the room, but they were able to do it.

Next, I call the driver's license branch of South Dakota.  We were denied a driver's license because we didn't provide mail that was professionally addressed (no handwritten envelopes would do).  We live in a county that is not 911 equipped, there are no street sign names.  It took a month to find out what street we lived on, only to find out later that was supposedly wrong....yet we have no way of confirming that.  They also want proof of our physical address (even though our P.O. Box will be on our driver's license), and we have no way of providing that.  The church doesn't own the parsonage, the association (two hours away) does.  All bills go to the post office box, etc.  I finally think the lady took pity on me, and had her supervisor override us, so our license could be mailed out.

I read more of Julia Child's, "My Life in France."  I really like her!

I called to double check that everything was set for my South Dakota teaching license, and they need a paper from my undergraduate institution signed.  This was an oversight on my part, so I'll hop right on that.  I do not want to be getting substitute teacher pay come August!

The fifth grade teacher drops by and introduces herself, saying the principal wants me to call her.  She also invited me to attend the South Dakota Reading Association Conference next week in Sioux Falls!  She didn't have to twist my arm to get me to say yes to that!  I looked up the conference and the main speaker is Danny Brassell of!  He has easily caused me to purchase a few hundred books over the years, and I've read a few of his books too.

There is a small chance I might be teaching a program called "Jumpstart" for eight days in August.  It will depend on a lady who has had surgery.  If she is not up to it, I will fill in.  It is four hours a day.  It would be a good way to get to know kids too.

My principal gave me the choice of two rooms.  I decided to take the one NOT backing up to the boy's restroom.  It wasn't as much the restroom, but hearing the hand dryers go on and off all day long would get to me after awhile. 

HH calls to ask if I want him to come over and move a few basics around, so I can start setting up.  I eagerly said yes!  He calls back about fifteen minutes later, and says that TEN people from the church group are on their way with him to help.  Think several teenage boys who have healthy backs!  I was afraid that HH had not prepped them for just how much they would be moving.  They were prepared and eager to help.  I was floored having so much help.  They sorted out my book boxes into categories, which was very helpful!  All my shelving is along the walls, and they exchanged desks for tables.  It took them about an hour to do what it would have taken HH and I a week to do.

We treated everyone to blizzards from Dairy Queen afterwards.  Well. Deserved. Blizzards.

Tomorrow I am getting the oil changed (reading my Kindle while I wait), grocery shopping (small trip for odds and ends I forgot), cooking lunch (it was supposed to be tonight's dinner), working in my classroom, going to VBS (I don't have a working role here, just "there"), then coming home.

The temperature on the gas station sign said 111 degrees this afternoon.  Granted, I will never feel like I just want to stand out in the sun being the indoors girl I am, it felt like the equivalent of 85 degrees back in Kentucky.  I can't believe what a difference it is with humidity.

My principal invited me to come to her house to learn to make jam.  How awesome is that?  I've wanted to learn, but just never took the time to do so.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, you weren't kidding! What a day, indeed!! It's nice that your principal is being so friendly. I couldn't in a MILLION years imagine going to my principal's house to do ANYTHING!