Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Pictures and Settling In

Here are the few pictures we took from my birthday celebration.  The foodie Italian restaurant I wanted to go to was closed.  We missed lunch there by about fifteen minutes.  HH is taking me back there on Friday for a re-do.

Lovely HH switched my birthday candles....way to score some points!

Sorry the picture of HH is so blurry.  :(  It was his idea that we wear our "I Love" shirts.

We've had a group in here from Virginia, and they are doing an awesome job.  There are 35 people, and it has been great, but draining.  I told HH last night (which he knows to an extent about me), that having this group was very draining to my personality, while it was very much a "high" for his personality.  After they leave, I will want to seclude myself for a few days from most people just to be able to recharge.

I got our renter's insurance set up yesterday, along with ordering my winter coat, fleece, gloves, and hat.  Our cable and high speed internet has been installed.  On the renter's insurance, the lady asked if I wanted to insure my jewelry.  I had never thought about this before.  I don't have a lot of expensive jewelry, but my ring is about forty-two years old from HH's mom.  I know that his father paid $2500 for the stone wholesale forty-two years ago.  I decided that I do want to have insurance on it.  I have to get it appraised.  I won't be able to do this until the next time we go to Rapid City.  That was the only place that had a jeweler who would appraise it right in front of me, instead of mailing it off.  I am not comfortable with it being out of my sight.

At night, we have been getting in around 9:00-9:30ish.  HH has been a trooper at working when we get in.  I told him it is not about getting "a lot" done, but getting a few things done so we keep chiseling away and making progress.  Last night he hung up four pictures, helped me make the guest bed (I can't crawl around the bed) with my new comforter set, and he set up my vitamin rack.  I organized my vitamins (which also cleared off a zillion bottles from the counter.)

Lessons Learned from a Small Town:  HH takes medicine for his seizures.  We are in the process of switching his prescription to mail order, but there is an overlap between when his pills arrive, and when he runs out.  We call the Mayo Clinic and ask for five days worth to be filled at the local pharmacy.  The local pharmacy doesn't have the medicine, nor does their two other stores.  They asked if I wanted them to call it in to the next major city (which is 90 miles away), and I said yes (as if there were another option). 

We have an awesome neighbor:  We have been working on getting to know the lady who lives directly across the street.  She has let us put our trash in her dumpster while we are waiting for our trash can from the county.  We still have a large assortment of boxes in our yard, even though HH has made three trips to the dumpster.  The other night, she insisted that we fill up our boxes and put them in the back of her pickup truck since she was going to the dump tomorrow.  We gratefully did.  Unfortunately, we STILL had a huge amount of boxes (and one bag of trash that had been opened by dogs and trash was across the yard).  We came home the other night, and she had cleaned up every single box and piece of trash in our yard.  HOW SWEET!